This article was published by contributor Tracy L. Slatton in the Huffington Post on July 19th, 2017.

Recently I was in Los Angeles on business, and on a sunny, broiling hot day, a friend of mine brought me to meet a young Democrat who’s running for Congress. He’s based in California’s 48th District, which covers Orange County, California—traditionally a Republican stronghold. His name is Michael Kotick. He has an impressive school and work resume but what struck me first was his physical resemblance to a young Jack Kennedy, though Kotick’s ancestry is different. Kotick’s grandfather is a Holocaust survivor and his mother’s family were immigrants. Rather, Kotick has the same thick dark hair, handsome features, and undeniable physical appeal. The camera is going to love him.

Good looking, well-educated, and accomplished: Kotick was going to be full of himself, I expected. I’ve met a few politicians. Invariably, they like to talk and usually to posture. To my surprise, Kotick was congenial, genuine, and low-key, asking for my thoughts about the future of the Democratic party. He listened carefully, with a refreshing attentiveness.

Over that first casual lunch, he spoke of helping his constituents and of listening to them, of being firmly pro-business while also considering their well-being. He knew the complete breakdown of his district’s demographics. He spoke with enthusiasm of flipping the district to Democratic. It was intriguing enough that I continued to think about him and his campaign. When I returned home, I reached out and asked for an interview.

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