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Dear Dana,

When you first won this seat back in 1988, you promised to stay for no more than a couple terms. You’re a few decades past due. Why not finally make good on that pledge and retire from the United States Congress? Your positions on issues like climate change, which you attribute to “dinosaur flatulence,” immigration, and health care are out of touch. They don’t represent the values of our district. They’re old and stale.

Here are some reasons you should consider retirement:

1. I’ve already mentioned this, but it’s worth reiterating that you don’t think climate change is real or all that serious a problem. I won’t argue with you about it—you’re wrong and everyone knows it. The problem is you were hired to represent a smart, educated community of people who care about clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet. Your constituents want to make sure that 30 years from now, Huntington Beach is, you know, habitable. And the other problem is that you’re the vice chair of the science committee. Congress has such a sense of humor sometimes. If scientists, your constituents, and your own thermometer can’t convince you, maybe think about hanging up your suit for good.

2. You’re mean. Like that time you tried to cut food stamps in order to “defund white trash” or when you voted to keep “illegals” from getting emergency room care. And let’s not forget your support for a health care bill that would ultimately treat pregnancy and domestic violence as preexisting conditions. The people of this district are kind, and while we may not agree on everything, no one here wants to see a sick kid suffer for the sake of politics.

3. In November, this district rejected Donald Trump, but you didn’t. Despite your constituents’ concerns, you’ve voted for the Trump agenda almost 95 percent of the time. And it’s not just the nonsensical health care bill. You voted to ease restrictions on polluters and strip federal funds away from California. If Trump asks for it, you’re there for him, and that’s a problem.

Southern California is a special place. The communities that make up the 48th district, from Seal Beach to Laguna, are full of smart, positive, energetic people who know this country deserves better. You just don’t represent us or our values. In fact, you’re kind of embarrassing us. Like that time you offered to sell citizenship for $1 million. So please, just retire. Hit some waves, eat some carnitas, and enjoy the sun. You’ve worked hard for yourself. It’s time for a new generation to step up and work for everyone else, and that’s why I’m running to replace you in Congress.

—Michael Kotick