Sharing a note from one of my closest supporters. Wally is a veteran who served this country and has strong opinions about how compassion and dignity need to be a part of our country. Maybe Wally’s words resonate with you, or maybe you disagree with what he has to say — regardless, I hope you’ll hear the man out. He has earned the right to be heard. 

— Michael

—————Forwarded message—————

From: Wally
Subject: Why I am no longer a Republican

I feel I have to explain to my friends (and maybe enemies after this email).

I am a parent of a daughter with a disability. This experience has put me on the path of understanding that there are many people in the world who cannot be self-sustaining. Being handicapped is a disaster for many families.

There are many types of disasters that affect large groups of people: Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, forest fires, robotics replacing workers, companies sending jobs outside of our country to enhance their bottom lines, etc. The people affected by these disasters require help from an empathetic Government; Local, State and Federal. We all pay our taxes to these Institutions and expect them in turn to properly adjudicate these funds where there is need.

Why the Republican Party does not recognize or refuses to understand this is beyond my comprehension, and the hypocrisy that results is deplorable. Example. Ted Cruz complained that the victims of Hurricane Sandy were getting too much help from the Federal Government. “It was the state’s problem,” not the Federal Government. But after Harvey devastated Texas, he requested that same aid from the Feds. At the very least, the citizens of New Jersey deserve an apology.

What the Republican Party seems to lack is empathy. If it hasn’t affected them personally, they have no ability or apparent desire to understand why others need help. This is not only selfish and mean spirited, but uncharitable and not representative of the tenets of most major religions.

All those people that are getting food stamps, Medicaid, welfare or any help from the Government are looked at as pariahs and lazy good-for-nothings by the Republican Party. These are people who are in need and we should be happy that we are able to help. That is why I am no longer a Republican. The Party of “if it doesn’t harm us, it’s your problem.”

Wally and Jean, proud parents of a disabled daughter who receives food stamps. (By the way, she gets $16 a month in food stamps. Damn her for needing that assistance). Thank God that we are in a position to provide the extra help that she needs because she would be homeless if it weren’t for the combined help of Government and her family.

Please pass this on to your Republican friends. They need to see the other side.